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Why are you not using the content I give you?


A letter to the many bands who have hired me for content creation and social media strategy, and never do anything with it….and then probably blame me.


For years I’ve been learning + working within the realm of content creation + strategy for independent artists. It’s fun, it’s creative, it can help grow an artist even in the slightest and make their brand look a lot more cohesive. 

However, something I have ran into SO much, is bands will hire us for said services…and then do zero with the content we give them.

Like actually nothing. 

I’ll clarify by saying, it’s not that they don’t do what I think they should do, its not opinion based…its like legit…they just…don’t even post…or use content they paid for…and then don’t do anything after that.


One answer might be “well Bloom Division, if that IS your real name!...maybe they aren’t happy with the content you gave”. While that could totally be it, nobody says “yo this isn’t what we wanted and we aren’t going to use it.” More so, I work WITH the bands in the whole content creation process to make sure I’m designing looks and feels they’re saying they want. So miscommunication of what they want could totally be it, but I just get the feeling it isn’t.

In many ways, this also goes PAST just the content. Most often, we're not just doing content-only packages for artist, we're also helping them with the release strategy, providing a social media calendar as well. A backbone, a paint-by-numbers process, if you will, of exactly how to make use of all the content we've given them. Even when a full campaign is shared top to bottom, sometimes I will STILL see the schedule ignored, and content not used. So, what is the answer when the work has been done for the artist, and all they have to do is follow a schedule?

The amount of social strategy calendars I have sent over to bands, that they’ve been stoked on me doing, that have then been largely ignored, is very confusing to me. 

I’ll make the content, then, if asked, I’ll lay out a general social schedule of when and how I could see each piece of content be used, so it lasts for their full campaign cycle. I’ll even give them caption ideas to it helps gets some ideas flowing on their end. 


Then, after a few weeks, I’ll be excited to go check out their socials to see how my work looks all together…and I see like, 1 or 2 posts made 3 weeks ago, knowing that sitting in a Dropbox folder there’s about 20 pieces of content in all shapes and sizes.


What I think it is, is bands don’t know what they want, at all, but then when they get what they believe they want, they don’t know if that’s it either, and then they just stalemate themselves into doing nothing. 


It’s confusing. Sure I'm getting paid, and the business side of me shouldn’t care what they do after the work is done, but the music marketing passion side of me always gets bummed out that an artist isn’t pushing themselves to learn, or promote their music as best they can, especially when they invested money into doing so.


If you don’t want it, or don’t think you need the help, just don’t hire someone to create marketing content. Ya know? The lesson here, is find that clarity with what you want in your project. That indeed is another blog we've shared here, but a reoccuring theme in the music industry that needs worked on! 

Before hiring someone like me, or "us" meaning Bloom, know what you want, or don't want, and be ready to put the work in to get in. Believe it or not, someone else creating your content, and even a strategy on how to use it, does NOT mean you don't have any work to do! 



Thanks! Message sent.