Let's dig into what exactly goes into making your release matter, by using that "campaign" word...

You’ve seen us talk about a “release campaign” and use those words a hundred times now. You may be wondering what exactly it is, and if it’s just a fancy name we gave something.

Well, let’s break that down!

Being super simple and to the point, it’s the overall strategy you give behind pushing your new release. Whether it be a single, EP, album, etc.

So let’s dig into what makes up a campaign.

Strategy + Content = Release Campaign

Making a release needs to be more than just planning for release day. You need to plan past that, and before if you want to tease your release.

This involves setting the overall feel and tone of your release, and building content pieces, micro and main, around that.

Micro content is small things like social headers + 24hr IG Story ads.

Main content is your press photos, artwork, and video content associated with the song(s).

These things work together to carry you through your week-to-week strategy for the release.

You don’t want to make the mistake of ONLY focusing on release day. You need to keep people’s attention, and continue to fight for new attention from people who haven’t discovered your new song/album.

That’s where, in a release campaign, you build an advertising audience, test those results to narrow it down, and then push your cohesive content (that you should have) in those directions.

Usually it’s safest to build a 1-month strategy for a new release. So figure out, in a real schedule, what content you are posting, and when, and WHY. If you can set that a full 4 weeks in advance, all you have to do is “paint by numbers” for your posts, and it becomes second nature.

Of course making a good content schedule, requires content. If you don’t have someone in your band or team who can provide a solid catalogue of COHESIVE and professionally made content, we suggest hiring someone, whether that be us or not, to make you a content package.

A good (and full) content package is extremely undervalued by most artists to be honest.

Content is more than just album artwork. It’s even more than just getting a music video done or promo taken.

It’s really ALL the tiny pieces around that, crafted to be cohesive and look great, that is the real glue that binds everything together over your campaign.

So listen, I know we rambled, but tried to give real details and practical advice on what makes a release campaign. To close this out, we’ll just sum it all up real quick.

A Release Campaign, is a full, well thought out release strategy, using a full well crafted package of content, made to give your band a well-branded and professional look, with the purpose of keeping you busy on social media and giving your audience solid reminders that you released something new!