Bloom: The Mission


What’s the purpose of The Bloom Division?

Having navigated the music industry for the better part of a full decade allows you to see a whole lot come and go. Mostly go. But what stays?

Consistency. Fitting, and a bit ironic it seems.

What do we mean though? Consistency in what?

Consistency in everything you can do as a growing artist.

Your branding. Your video work. Your photo work. Your sound. Your online presence. Your stage presence. Anything and everything that says something about your band.

Now, there’s some pretty large gaps in how to find that cohesiveness within it all. We understand everything that goes into being a musician, and why it’s kind of hard to focus on all of it at once. From writing, to recording, to booking, to releasing and promoting, the cycle goes on and on, and that…is where we come in!

Our purpose with Bloom Division is to help fill that gap and grey area, and for lack of a better term, take some stress of your (the artist) shoulders. We build release campaigns from top to bottom, start to finish.

We saw that there was a big void in how bands promote themselves online, and let’s face it, it doesn’t need to be said that everything lives online now, and if you don’t exist well there, you might as well not at all.

So why wouldn’t you want every aspect of your release to be cohesive and well planned?

Band’s would go one of two ways to make a release, hiring a PR company, or letting mgmt dictate a release. Now, while each of those things can be good, the issue with both, is more often than not, they aren’t thinking outside the box, or creatively. They’re using outdated copy and paste methods to promote every band they touch, rather than catering directly to the artist’s needs, and also, let’s face it, a lot of the times simply to make a quick buck.

We’d rather focus on creative content driven efforts, to push a campaign. We’ve said all the hot keywords like “branding” and “consistency” enough, that you get the point.

We help create the content for said-release, and that’s all visuals ranging from design, photo, and video, and the point is to do that all in a, (you guessed it) consistent manner. There’s nothing that says an unsigned artist can’t look the same as a signed one, and honestly the gap between those levels is ever-closing now anyway, so we’re to help capitalize on that.

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between what the assumption of what a “small artist” and “big artist” looks like. Social media has leveled the playing field, and we’re here to help make the plays (with content, yay).