Far too many artists put so much energy into their music, but not enough energy into how its visual story is told.

Alright, let’s dive in:

Far too many artists put so much energy into their music, but not enough energy into how its visual story is told.

Why does that even matter? The music is the most important! Yes, absolutely true, but why stop there in matter of importance? For us, the question is, why wouldn’t you want the full story, the full experience of your project to be top notch? To be cared for? To be something people pay attention to and enjoy as much as they do the song itself?

Still not sure what exactly we’re talking about?

Here’s an explanation for you:

A lot of artists will have a cool song, but focus zero energy into the visual campaigning of that song, and simply let their presentation fall totally short.

In a weird round-about way, you’re saying you don’t FULLY care about your project by doing this. Sure, you got the music done, you enjoy the song, but you’re not taking care of that song, and it’s promotion, to make sure it attaches to others like it has you.

Yeah sure, this is a creative agency saying this, but releases SHOULD have good content with them.

It’s apart of your song, how its visually represented.

Too often bands overlook this, don’t care at all, or give extremely sub-par identity to their otherwise great song. This, yes indeed, in turn, can make your music fall short.

You’re being compared (with each release) to every large act that already has everyones ears. But you know what else they have? They have their eyes too.

They’re well branded, with great design, packaging, video, photo, etc, and for the sake of arguing in circles, let’s save the “but they have funding and we don’t!” conversation for another day.

The way things are promoted today, and live online, they should be well presented. Do they HAVE to be, no, they honestly don’t. I’m sure there’s plenty of visually-ugly bands who have a great following and that’s rad, but until you’ve got that nice core following that is growing you daily, you need to capture peoples attention.

So why does the concern for your music project stop once you get a song done? Why don’t you want people to visually experience something from your song as well? Why don’t you want your project presented in the coolest package it can be?

Artists should think more about these things, and the overall experience and story they’re sharing with their audiences.

So, are these some extra steps and work you’re willing to put in to make your project closer to what it could be? Or, do the visuals just not matter?