What You Should Want in Your Release Campaign


We live in the age of digital marketing.

(What a unique way to start a blog, am I right?)

But it’s true, and it’s amazing how many bands and artists forget that main cliche point they play into every single day on social media.

So, your band’s about to make a new release. You’ve got the single back, you’re stoked on it, and maybe even you’re getting a cool music video shot with it as well. What’s next?

Most bands jump to “let’s hire a PR firm”.

Now, I have nothing against PR firms (speaking for all of Bloom here) however, their methods, while sometimes nice, are very generic and don’t pack a lot of punch.

Here’s how most of them work;

You pay X amount, they offer you a song premiere spot on, let’s say, Alt Press, and then a handful of smaller trickle-down press sites, and whatever random copy n’ paste music blogs that follow those.

Sounds great right? After all, your favorite bands Twenty One Pilots and Bring Me The Horizon get featured on there all the time!

Here’s where we’re wrong. They get featured, because press sites WANT to cover them. What Oli Sykes ate for breakfast is big, fun, clickbait news to them, and unfortunately, your smaller, growing band’s new track, isn’t making the top of their list unless you paid for it.

So, you premiere your song, release day is dope because you get to say “now streaming over at @altpress” on your posts and you get some clout….for about 12hrs or so. Until your “story” is pushed down and hidden in their site, by the bands they are actively seeking out and making coverage of.

They don’t mean this maliciously of course, it’s just the way things go.

So, then what?

What happens on day 2?

Day 4?

Week 2?

You should want to have a plan. Something that sticks and has purpose. Your “press release” has come and gone, and nobody who visits the site cares or see’s it anymore.

Think around this and make a real marketing plan.

Have a handful of visual promotional pieces ready to go and a social strategy in place for your promotion of the new song.

Day 1 toss up a clip from the music video (STOP SCREENSHOTTING YOUTUBE) toss a boost on it and turn it into a well-targeted ad for a few days, and then fill feeds in the meantime, with micro-content.

Micro content? IG Story pieces, maybe a promo related to the song as a reminder, or even BTS photos if you did a video shoot for it.

You should want to have a strategy to push your song (or album) for longer than 1 day. Think passed release day folks.

Get well-branded content ready. Social headers and layouts, artwork, IG Story pieces, IG 1600x1600 format pieces, video ads, write ups, captions, all of it.

In the end of a release campaign, sure, do we all want that 100000 streams and world fame? Sure. But what you should see, and truly want, is a well developed visual identity for your band’s release, and a cohesive release that looks like Bring Me The Horizon would’ve done.

If you truly put this type of work in, who knows, maybe Alt Press will come to YOU.