Bands tend to either move too fast, or not fast enough with releases.

What pace is your band working at?

This one’s pretty simple,

Bands tend to either move too fast, or not fast enough with releases.

What pace is your band working at?

Some bands take a LONG time to do anything, and are always playing catch up. They’re overthinking, and not planning. They’re playing the waiting game, either waiting for that “big opportunity” to come along, or simply waiting for others to get things done for them in all honesty. Are you a band that releases 1 song a year and keeps your audience “engaged” by telling them big things are coming soon? There is indeed a fine line between taking your time, and wasting time.

Other bands don’t plan at all and let impatience get the best of them. Are you the type of band that pushes your producer to rush the masters back because you already set the release day 1 week from now? Release that music video the day after you get the final cut?

Learn to find the balance of planning things ahead, and working proactively rather than reactively, and make the most of you + your team’s creative energy. If your first reaction to something is from a mode of panic because you weren’t ready, change that. All it takes is a little thought beforehand, to make those “in the moment” decisions a little easier.

We’ve noticed many bands always seem to be one way or the other. They’re too excited to get things out and make zero plan or purpose to their releases, or…they’re simply hardly a band at all.

Find your balance.

Let things breathe, BUT don’t let things totally fall asleep.

Remember to work with people who can help make that balance possible. Don’t add stress to your career but having a stressful team. Don’t have a team? Maybe that’s your issue! Take outside opinion and advice. Hire the right people and take some of the stress of marketing off of your own shoulders. By the way, your “team” does not have to be a label, or management agency, or some big name band dude you’re clamoring for attention from. Find likeminded and motivated individuals who can you trust and lean on to help hold you accountable in the pace of your project.