A lot of bands don't have clarity amongst their members, on what exactly they want to achieve...

The amount of bands that have secret inner turmoil is often shocking.

Half the band doesn’t want to tour, or pay for things, or worry about their image. The other half, wants all those things and wants to give it their all to chase a dream.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with either side, that’s not what this is about. What this is about, is being able to identify those issues and shed light on them, so your band can actually grow.

It’s amazing what a simple conversation can do. For, well, anything really, but in this case, for bands. Most bands in fact do NOT have monthly sit downs, or, even yearly sit downs if we’re being gracious about it, to converse amongst each other on what exactly they all want out of this musical pursuit.

Clarity in communication, is absolute key in most things. So, why can’t you have clarity with a few of your closest friends / teammates that you’re actively chasing a big dream with?

Clarify what you each want. Talk it out ahead of time, so when opportunities come up, there’s less arguments had over what move to make.

Most bands wait until it’s time to react to something to then have these talks, and find out they’re all working on different playing fields with different goals in mind.

“A label wants to sign us!”, 2 of the members don’t actually want the commitment of what comes with signing they then reveal.

“Hey guys we’re gonna shoot a big music video for our next song!”, 3 members don’t actually like the idea of spending money on their band and think an iPhone video by their cousin does the job.

“We got a tour offer!”, a couple members explain how they don’t want to take a week off their day job and don’t think touring is too important to them.

What happens after each of these scenarios? Arguments, which leads to each member questioning the others on their commitment, and sometimes leads to break ups or members leaving.

This problem could’ve been taken care of well before this time of needing to make a decision RIGHT NOW, had a full conversation (or multiple) been had on where each member is at with their commitment.

It’s okay if you don’t want to tour, or sign to a label, or spend money on your band, but you need to express that to the rest of your band, to see if their goals align with that.

Being in a band should be a team effort, and if the whole team is playing from the same playbook whenever a move needs to be made, you’re never gonna succeed.

Have. More. Meetings. And. Conversations. With. Your. Bandmates.

Figure out what you all want and how you’re working together to achieve those things.

Sometimes, its maybe even figuring out early on what you DON’T want, before you do spend a lot more time, money and energy, all for it to be wasted when you finally reveal you don’t actually want to be in the band.

Be honest and open about what you want out of your band.

Communication. Is. Key.