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A creative agency who’s focus is on visual identity and creative direction, where it’s missing most, in the independent music industry. 


My name is Ross Theisen, the man behind the curtain in the wonderful green palace known as Bloom.


I created Bloom to try and fill in a large gap I saw with independent musicians, having worked with them for the last decade. Fresh out of High School I dove into graphic design, and having been in bands myself for a short stint, I had a whole scene of people at my fingertips, who needed what I wanted to share with them.

For some reason I always took marketing and promotion very seriously, and wanted badly to see other artists do the same. So, I spent a ton of time learning the ins + outs of the ever-changing social media landscape, and crafting content using my skills of graphic design. Along the way I quickly picked up photography and videography, which became great assets to the Marketing and Content Creation I was providing. I became a one-stop-shop for rising artists needing, well, just about anything. 

The aforementioned “gap” I made note of, was this strange grey area I saw where local bands LOOKED like local bands, and I didn’t think that made sense. There doesn’t have to be a large separation between “big” and “small” artists, and I wanted to help drive things in that direction,

thus closing that gap. 

So, after noticing I was actively helping bands develop their brand + online strategy, The Bloom Division was formed, officially putting a name to all the work I had been doing for years.

Why “bloom”? Well, there’s a metaphor in there somewhere about helping these people grow and “bloom” into a better version of themselves.

The Bloom Division is Creative Direction + Visual Strategy for those trying to figure out what exactly those things are. Bloom steps in and takes on the stress of all those things, so musicians can be musicians. 

We dig into the details and find purpose in everything crafted for a marketing campaign, because that’s the attention this stuff deserves. From color-palettes to the copy used in an instagram caption, we like having a hand in it all if you want. 



It’s Marketing. It’s Campaign Management. It’s Creative Direction. It’s Content Creation. It’s Bloom.

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