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Let’s talk about “Micro-Content”.


First, what do we mean when we say the phrase? What exactly is it? 

Micro-Content (to us at least) is the smaller pieces of content that fill in those tiny gaps between your larger pieces of content. 


If you release a video with your new single, clips from that video and the video itself would be your MAIN content.

The next step down would be designed ad assets promoting that song/video, using the artwork or video clips as visual aid. Making up your “Medium content”. 

Then, we get to micro content, most commonly we refer to IG Story pieces as good examples of micro-content, but it can be any smaller piece in general that ties things together. 


It’s filler, but it’s the glue.

It’s not what your ads are going out with or the lead piece for your release, it’s what’s intertwining through all of that to hold it together. 


So often, artists make the mistake of only focusing on that ONE big piece of main content, i.e a music video, and once they share that on release day, they have nothing else to follow things up with, thus letting the promotion fall flat, and not continuing to share a story with your audience. 


MC realistically is also about staying connected with your audience in simple ways. Whether it’s quick reminders to check out your new song, or Story “vlogs” showing you and your bandmates hanging out, writing, practicing, etc. it’s all usable content that can also be created very easily. 


While lead content pieces like a video, or medium content pieces like designed ad graphics may often need to be crafted by someone else (yours truly) it’s the micro content that does not, and realistically should not need to be made by an outside source. 

It’s the type of content you can make from your pocket.


Update your followers on what you’re doing. Roll with a quick “selfie” video reminding them to check out the newest release. Toss up a studio video while you’re recording it. The list can go on and on of easy to make content that you don’t need to hire someone for, that is arguably just as important, if not more important at times, than the big flashy well-made pieces. 


So, in your next release, while you (hopefully) collect all the solid pieces of Main Content, remind yourself to stay active and don’t stop there. Remember the micro pieces that act as the glue and carry more life for a campaign. 

It doesn’t just stop with a big shiny piece of content on release day!

It’s about the follow up and follow-through, and its on you to make use of the content you do have, and add icing on the proverbial “cake” yourself to make sure your release connects more with your audience and continues sharing your story.